UP Catalyst wins NewCo Accelerator Pitching Competition at Arctic15

The winner of the NewCo Accelerator Pitching Competition at Arctic15 2021 is UP Catalyst! The runner-up is FanSifter and on third place Kausal. Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the amazing competitors for great pitches!

UP Catalyst OÜ is producing sustainable carbon nanomaterials and catalysts in novel methods. Currently, carbon materials are expensive and have a major negative impact on the environment; they are either mined from fossil resources or synthesized in toxic processes from raw oil. Their game-changing production processes are based on CO2 electrolysis and biomass pyrolysis. It recycles waste materials such as wood chips, black liquor, sludge and CO2.

UP Catalyst’s products are superior to any other carbon nanomaterials in quality, product properties and competitive pricing. These materials are used in a wide range of industries such as, but not limited to batteries, fuel cells, water filters and many others.

The pitching competition focused on pre-seed to seed stage startups. A panel of international investors and experts judged startups. There was three stages to the competition, the application period, public Top30 voting, and the final 15 pitching at the online event.

See below the winner’s pitch at public Top30 voting round on YouTube.

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