Spaceit – Mission Control System

service which make access to the space more affordable Mission Control System (MCS) – is is a tool to monitor and control satellite operations. Each and every space mission needs a MCS.

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Golbriak Space

To develop and implement the services and the enabling technologies for distributed and federated satellite missions.

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Grassland Monitoring – We Replace On-The-Spot-Check With Automated Satellite-Based Activity

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Miniature portable wireless vacuum chamber cameras

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Zubax Robotics

Zubax Robotics is an award-winning research and development company founded in 2015. We research, design, and manufacture electric propulsion systems for aerospace and other applications

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PowerUp Fuel Cells

We are PowerUp Energy Techonologies, producer of green hydrogen fuel cell based electrical generators

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Hepta Airborne

Bringing accurate analysis to power line operators while saving     time, costs and environment Additional info about Hepta Airborne, may be found here. 

Unsinkable Robots

Unsinkable Robots offers an autonomous robot platform. Its modular design allows us to perform various tasks underwater. From observation to underwater mapping
Unsinkable Robotics, your eyes under the tides.

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SpaceWave OÜ is developing fast and secure communication for nano-satellites. If You need remote sensing from orbit and existing free data is not enough, then perhaps Your own satellite is a solution. Very many jobs can be completed in orbit with a nano-satellite – starting from 1kg and going bigger if more performance is needed. We provide the hardware and software solution for controlling Your satellite securely. You can receive data from orbit at a fast 10Mbps rate. Even live video is possible during connection times with a ground-station. If satellite development or a new satellite service interests You, then we can talk about communication solutions – from minimum telemetry-and-telecommand to secure and fast downlink of Earth observation data.


Skudo OÜ is focused on solving the security need of mission-critical applications in verticals such as space, governments, defence, critical infrastructures, IoT, telecommunication, robotics, drones etc.
We have developed our own Hardware Security Module (HSM) on a chip, using FPGA technology, entirely verifiable and made in Europe. We believe that all European mission-critical applications deserve safety provided by the European-made cyber security technologies and encryption solutions.
Our main product is a physical computing device that safeguards and manages digital keys for strong authentication and provides advanced cryptoprocessing capabilities. It allows building complex solutions and produce custom products (PCB) around it. Challenge us with projects that need high level hardware encryption solutions.

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SKYCORP produces bespoke next generation hydrogen long endurance Smart Drones.
Our goal is to integrate and deploy hydrogen technologies enabling drones in Industry 4.0, advancing Intelligent Productivity. Creating a carbon neutral autonomous environment of drone-based services ranging from commercial to emergency and government without a need for operators or direct human interaction driving Smart Regions of the future.

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Krattworks is an autonomous surveillance system for combatting landscape fires with machine learning and AI. Our UAVs keep an eye on the wildfire area and stream data to the server via mobile networks. This provides us with up-to-date surveillance information.

Mixing this data with satellite imagery, we generate accurate situational maps in real time and can predict behaviour of wildfire for up to 8 hours. This enables rescue teams to make precise decisions even before the situation begins to escalate.

Contact us to learn more and order a demo.

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Developing a new generation of modular microgravity simulators

We combine expertise from biological research, machine learning, engineering and design to develop a device that enables cutting-edge microgravity, partial gravity and spaceflight simulation at the bench or in the incubator without compromising the use of typical research assays during the experiment.

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10 Lines

We have been in the parking lot marking industry for the past 10+ years and know the ins and outs of the challenges that striping companies are facing. Managing a striping business is not always easy because often workers have different skills and parking lot layouts are not the same. 10Lines builds autonomous robots that always deliver high-quality striping work. Using our robots you can get several times more work done using the same amount of people.

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LightCode Photonics

LightCode Photonics is a deep tech company that is innovating 3D imaging for mobility applications in various environments – space, air, land, sea – with a game-changing LightCode (TM) Software-Defined 3D Camera (SD3D Camera) technology.
We envision that routine work is automated and robots are handling tasks from docking in space to city maintenance, parcel delivery and dangerous rescue missions. LightCode Photonics is developing and manufacturing a compact, low power consumption, solid-state 3D camera product. It provides Lidar performance using accessible COTS components at an affordable cost.

We change the way a robot looks at you!


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Precision Navigation Systems

Precision Navigation Systems develops solutions that help private and public companies build sustainable ground-based GNSS infrastructure.The company’s core product Stargate RTK is a GNSS correction service provider for the cm-level real-time positioning of autonomous outdoor robots, industrial drones, mapping and IoT applications.


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Unsinkable Robots

Unsinkable Robots offers an autonomous robot platform. Its modular design allows us to perform various tasks underwater. From observation to underwater mapping
Unsinkable Robotics, your eyes under the tides.

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