Spaceit – Mission Control System

service which make access to the space more affordable Mission Control System (MCS) – is is a tool to monitor and control satellite operations. Each and every space mission needs a MCS.

Additional info about Spaceit, may be found here.

Golbriak Space

To develop and implement the services and the enabling technologies for distributed and federated satellite missions.

Additional info about Golbriak Space, may be found here. 


Grassland Monitoring – We Replace On-The-Spot-Check With Automated Satellite-Based Activity

Additional info about KappaZeta, may be found here. 


Miniature portable wireless vacuum chamber cameras

Additional info about CrystalSpace, may be found here. 

Zubax Robotics

Zubax Robotics is an award-winning research and development company founded in 2015. We research, design, and manufacture electric propulsion systems for aerospace and other applications

Additional info about Zubax Robotics, may be found here. 

PowerUp Fuel Cells

We are PowerUp Energy Techonologies, producer of green hydrogen fuel cell based electrical generators

Additional info about Powerup Fuel Cells, may be found here. 

Hepta Airborne

Bringing accurate analysis to power line operators while saving     time, costs and environment Additional info about Hepta Airborne, may be found here. 

Precision Navigation Systems

Precision Navigation Systems develops solutions that help private and public companies build sustainable ground-based GNSS infrastructure.The company’s core product Stargate RTK is a GNSS correction service provider for the cm-level real-time positioning of autonomous outdoor robots, industrial drones, mapping and IoT applications.


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