Up Catalyst

UP Catalyst is producing novel carbon nanomaterials and catalysts for different applications through sustainable CO2 capturing electrolysis process where the by-product is O2.

The produced carbon nanomaterials could be used in various fields, e.g. in battery and ultracapacitor technologies, fuel cells, conductive and strengthening coatings, polymer formulations, water filters materials, etc. Currently, carbon materials have a major negative impact on the environment as they are either mined from fossil resources or synthesized from raw oil by using toxic and costly processes. Our carbon nanomaterials can replace the expensive and non-sustainable metal carbide derived carbons and nanomaterials synthesized from fossil fuel based raw materials like methane, ethylene and acetylene.

Carbon nanomaterials such as graphite, graphene, carbon nanotubes and spheres are as important to the modern life today as is the Internet, they are all around us. In addition to the novel and sustainable carbon capture method our unique materials are superior to any other carbon nanomaterials in quality, product properties and highly competitive pricing. 

Additional information about UP Catalyst on www.upcatalyst.com and LinkedIn or Facebook.


LightCode Photonics is a deep tech company that is innovating 3D imaging for mobility applications in various environments – space, air, land, sea – with a game-changing LightCode (TM) Software-Defined 3D Camera (SD3D Camera) technology.
We envision that routine work is automated and robots are handling tasks from docking in space to city maintenance, parcel delivery and dangerous rescue missions. LightCode Photonics is developing and manufacturing a compact, low power consumption, solid-state 3D camera product. It provides Lidar performance using accessible COTS components at an affordable cost.

We change the way a robot looks at you!

Additional info about LightCode Photonics, may be found here. 


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