Wayren develops digital communication platform that is resilient to bandwidth limitations and communication disruptions. Additional information about Wayren on https://wayren.ee/


TrackDeep Ltd. specializes in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) surveillance and management software. Our AI-powered platform detects and protects high-sensitivity infrastructure and large-scale areas. Since 2021, the Estonian Prison Service has trusted our software platform integrated with sensor and counter drone systems. Our goal is to establish Tallinn’s first large-scale UTM sensor infrastructure and become a pioneering U-space service provider in Europe. As part of the ESA BIC program, we’re developing a software module to detect malign drone operator locations.

Additional information about TrackDeep on https://www.trackdeep.ai/


Falconers is an AI development company, converting remote sensing data to a digital twin of the environment. This enables automated tracking of the environment to create early warning systems to prevent natural disasters, detect weather anomalies and insight of human activities.

Additional info about Falconers may be found here. 


Rexplorer makes solar easy by taking only an address as input and instantly builds a digital twin of a rooftop solar PV installation. Our mission is to make renewables simple and easily accessible, so that anyone can produce their very own energy & have the power to contribute to a greener future.

Additional info about Rexplorer may be found here. 


MindChip provides ASV-s (autonomous surface vessel) for maritime monitoring services. The use of ASVs in the planning and construction of offshore wind farms can reduce the cost of surveys by up to 5 times and accelerate the overall shift towards a sustainable future. MindChip is deep-tech start-up and spin-off from Tallinn Technical University. Our core expertise is in design of autonomous navigation technology for marine industry. The ASV concept has been developed through several R&D projects with the aim to be configurable for different functionalities and client requirements.  During our stay in the ESA BIC accelerator, we plan to achieve high precision positioning on open sea using Galileo High Accuracy Services. Another topic we are investigating is how to combine the EO data with on site measurement results. Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB) is the most recently developed method of surveying shallow waters and an autonomous ship can validate and refine this information. 

Additional info about Mindchip may be found here. 


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