European Space Agency Estonian Business Incubation Center is looking for awesome space related start-ups

European Space Agency Estonian Business Incubator (ESA BIC Estonia) which was opened in autumn last year, is waiting for novel space related startups to apply for 50 000 € grant.

Head of Startup Incubator in Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Martin Goroško, said that every company whose product or service relates to space is welcomed to apply. “Many companies don’t realize today that their product is related to space or it could be related with little effort. Applications using Satellite Navigation or earth observation data, novel materials or technologies – these are only few examples of services and applications that we are looking for,” explained Goroško

ESA BIC Estonia Manager Andrus Kurvits said that 50 000 € grant helps teams to take the next step in product development. “Our first call showed that Estonia is indeed an amazing space country and we have people and companies that develop novel space related applications. Last year we gave out first grants which were co-financed by our consortium partners, cities of Tartu and Tallinn, and were meant for product and IPR development. We are hoping for great achievements in international market from companies that got development grant. We plan to take two more companies in to our Incubation programme in spring call that is already open, “said Kurvits optimistically.

Application deadline for next call is 8th of March 2018!  For further information about applying look at

Incubation Programme helps to develop space related business ideas by offering technical support and business advice via mentoring and consulting. European wide ESA incubation network supports 140 start-ups every year at its 18 centres in 15 countries

ESA BIC Estonia is first of its kind in Baltic States. Its goal is to help 20 companies reach international market during five year period by providing them 50 000 € seed money and industry specific mentorship.

ESA BIC Estonia offers incubation services in Tartu and in Tallinn respectively in Tartu Science Park and in Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol.

ESA BIC Estonia Consortium has eight partners: Tartu Science Park (lead partner), Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, City of Tartu, City of Tallinn, University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, Tartu Observatory, and Kredex.

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