Communication between local government and citizen is going to be easier

Estonian winner of ESNC Jana Šubitidze is developing a mobile application that eases up communication between Local Government and citizen. The main idea of application is if citizen sees a problem that he/she wants to inform Local Government then he/she can do it instantly via mobile application

“Most of people have their smartphone with them everywhere for taking picture etc. That picture has its location and GNSS coordinates. Sending a picture of problem with short description it arrives to Local Governments database from where the problem can be dealt with” says the winner.

According to Šubitidze it was a surprise that she won. Prize money of 6000€ will be used for further development of the idea.

Martin Goroško the head of Startup Incubator has said that space and satellite navigation feel like something really far and complex for most people, so they cannot think of how space technologies and data could be used for solutions on the ground. “We started space themed business incubator with Tartu Science Park and ESA in this autumn to find more interesting space themed ideas and help them develop further, “explained Goroško

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